dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the need for demons.

Of course, the stupidest part of this stupid attempt of Lynn to imagine what would happen if the Pattersons had to retrieve a potty from a locked house is that John stupidly thought that poor little Richard did all of that to make him look bad. This seems rather unfair but it is typical of how they behave; always and ever, the manufacturing of devils and oppressors is their favourite sport. The reason is fairly simple: they don't want to admit that it ain't personal. John would rather believe that two neighbour ladies and a child conspired to make him look foolish when they had no such intent because the alternative is so much scarier. Living in a world in which he, John Patterson, is just another guy isn't a world in which he prefers to live and since a world in which it's not personal is that world, he needs to see enemies because well-meaning but inept bystanders make him feel like an insect.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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