dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Happy Fobber's Day: Lynn's tin ear for children's language.

The odd thing about the very silly note about the baby talk Lynn used is not thather insistence on using said words during her children's teenaged years and her being confused, angered and upset by their oh-so-typical embarrassment found its way on the page in any number of strips where the kids got dissed for worrying more about their image than their mother and all the love in her great big heart. The silly thing is that Lynn seems unaware of how children acquire language in the first place. As the title proves, Lynn isn't one to understand that children learn to reproduce sounds in a set sequence. "Fobber" is a very unlikely thing for a child the April who killed Farley's age to say for "father"; it'd be more lilely to be a slurred word such as, say, "Haahuhz".

What seems to have happened is that whoever was actually with the children when they said cute things told Lynn what happened. Since Lynn doesn't understand kids too well and how they pick up language even less, she mentally adjusted what was said to what sounded right to her. She can get away with this because she confuses the silence of people who know they'll be shouted down if they disagree with agreement.
Tags: lynn fails everything forever.

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