dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Potties, sandwich boards and bus routes.

As you know, I keep on running my mouth about how we should actually be following the 1986 strips in 2014 because the weekdays line up better. Were this the case, we'd right now be in on the ground floor of the arc in which Elly got outraged that they were going to tear down the old town hall and build that arena "no one" "really" needed. The reason that I mention this is that she made herself into something of a spectacle and exposed her poor, delicate little boy to teasing because of her publicly wearing a sandwich board to draw attention to an unpopular problem.

This seems almost benign compared to the time when someone who hadn't a clue what the issues really were protested what he mistakenly believed to be a huge increase in bus fares meant to improve service in the Tri-Suburb Area. Mike made a bit of an idiot of himself being "ill-informed juvenile sound-bite deliverer #14" but to judge from what John said, you'd think that he was Gandalf speaking the Black Speech in Rivendell. The reason that both occasions are mild faux pas being whined about by imbeciles is that adult men in the Patterverse have the gnawing tendency to make fools of themselves retrieving stupid things. The John who talked himself into stealing a potty when the sane course was to do nothing has no reason to think that Mike's chowder-headed comment on the six o'clock news will destroy a reputation he himself sullied any more than a fool who wrote a simpering and stupid break-up e-mail has any call to whine about what his mom does in public.
Tags: john needs vitamin stfu, mike patterson: universal idiot

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