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The camping trip at the end of the Early Years.

Another thing we'd commenting on right now if Lynn had been prevailed upon to skip over the very weird (and overly detailed) first year is the first mention of a camping trip Phil and John intend going on. We start off with stupid John stupidly talking about the need to get away from it all while assuming that Elly has no such inclination because gals love them some housework and Phil stupidly proving that a city boy like him has no real business arsing around in the wilds. Upon arrival, Phil finds to his (quite unreasonable) shock that a place he last saw as unspoiled wilderness had been turned into a tourist trap by someone with his head in the game and without the stupid preconception that the world rotates around the axis of the need of a naff with a ridiculous scrub-brush mustache to have things Just So.

Finally, Unnatural-born Boy Tracker Phil manages to get them both the Hell lost, capsized and stranded on an island because the poop is too damned foolhardy and stupid to do something melvin and square like "give people an idea of where the Hell he's going in case things actually go wrong." Mix in some maudlin mush from the womenfolk about how their hearts can't go on without the boorish, doofy momma's boys they aimed themselves at in the foolish and doomed belief that they can cure innate imbecility and you have something of a turning point. After this arc, the strip wasn't really about a young family any longer; there was a wider world to explore than that of a frustrated virtual single mother chasing children and complaining about housework and asshole husbands. Said children were no longer simply foils foisted upon Elly to frustrate her but characters in their own right with their own supporting casts. We'd have thus ended the Early Years much as we'd later end the Middle Years with Pattersons looking at a body of water in concern and dread.
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