dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Parellels and differences.

As I mentioned once or twice, it seems that there are certain parallels in the way that the Middle Years began and ended. While Lynn would prefer a cut-and-dry break between eras (the ill-fated camping trip and April killing Farley), I myself see a fuzzier line. This is because about a year before Phil stupidly tried to drown John and himself, there was a less-heralded game changer that was occasioned by Lawrence and Connie moving away for a while. A year later, the first era ended with anxious people standing near a body of water and Elly making a promise she never kept to be more grateful for John's presence in her life.

The reason that I mentioned this is that we ended things much as we began. That's because about a year before the end of the Middle Years, an arc with Lawrence changed the game when he went and outed himself. A year later, another of Jim and Marian's kids did something stupid that led to anxious people standing near a body of water hoping that the victim of cocksure nitwittery would be all right. The main difference is that in John's case, life went back to normal but in April's case, Elly held her own stupid negligence against her child forever. Oh, wait. It's the same because, well, Elly never forgives people for scaring her.
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