dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Teacher's got a fink": Lizzie's path to school failure.

As you know, there's a good reason Mike's grades were poor that doesn't involve a complete incapacity to understand basic arithmetic and a lack of any real help from his parents: his need to draw attention of any sort to himself to compensate for the lack of positive attention he gets at home. Lizzie has that same problem but, as I said before, brings a different set of problems to the table. As we're going to spend most of the Middle Years finding out, the baffled, blank-eyed frown I think of when I hear or see her name reminds us that we're not just dealing with a timid, passive person who doesn't like making waves even when it would help her. We're also dealing with someone who sort of lets the point of everything drift just inches over her head. As we see here, she only just barely listens to what other people are saying and proceeds to make a bit of a fool of herself in the process. What's more, she doesn't even own her being a poor fit for mandatory education like her ugly brother does; instead, she assumes sight unseen that her teachers are out to destroy her because they haaaaaaaate her.

The last strip I linked to, sadly, tells us the real problem that kept her from excelling at the level she should have: parents who are too stupid and useless to take her to an eye doctor to get her corrective lenses until it became too damned obvious that she's near-sighted. If she'd have not passively sat on her rump squinting away because it was too scary to tell Mommy how fuzzy everything looked for all those years and if her jerk parents hadn't waited until she was nine to ask "Why does Lizzie hold books so close to her face?", she might have actually got somewhere scholastically.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, the middle years

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