dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The dampening effect and the One And Only Potty.

The craziest thing about the last big arc is not just that John willingly broke into someone's house to steal a potty when the sane course would have been to either make Richard use the one offered OR show him the price of being all persnickety by walking around with soiled underpants. The odd thing is that the jackass dropped his trousers in public for an acquaintance's child when he would never do so for his own kids. The image of John sourpussing around as if to say "I was there at the hospital, what more things that you don't deserve do you want?" when confronted with his children's wanting him to not piss away his time forted up in his stupid workshed playing with his stupid, ego-gratifying toys because his parents didn't want to be vending machines sating the petty desires of a greedy, entitled imbecile boomer arsewipe is too common to be commented upon.

His need to whine about how he has no time to himself because he has to give as well as take and TAKE and TAKE to make up for a life of fake-ass privation isn't the only factor in this, however. The strip wherein he barged upstairs and demanded that April apologize for upsetting the volatile lunatic he married tell us why he both stole the One and Only Potty and why he can't be asked to support his kids with any sort of grace. In the case of the potty, he'd made the mistake of pointing out that Elly would have to be some kind of stupid, crazy idiot to think that there was the third option of catering to an annoyance because an imbecile couldn't be asked to think. In the case of the homework, Elly was screaming again and since the loudest one has to be settled down, time to threaten princesses. In the case of the charity event, Elly would clearly whine and moan about being up all night and not being able to do her fifteen loads of clothes a day so whatever the Martian wanted clearly couldn't be worth it.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, elly on her cross, john needs vitamin stfu

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