dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The blinkered vision effect.

One of the most distressing strips that I can think of is the one that starts with thin-skinned dullard John not being able to handle a petty frustration with anything like grace and ends with Lizzie attacking her doll because she has no one to pass the poison down to. The distressing thing is not that John can't put on his big boy pants and not turn into a sulking buffoon who rages witlessly at the inoffensive but that said behaviour is not seen as being essentially bad. Even In the latter days, we're supposed to laugh off John being a humorless choad who reacts to frustration and mockery with a display of petty violence that he should have outgrown long ago.

The reason for us having to nod and say that we have to give Angry!Daddy a wide berth because Angry!Daddy can't possibly be told to shut his fool mouth and shove his toxic, petulant and childish rage up his nether end is, I should think, related to Lynn's disdain for Rod's constant and pointless complaining about how John is portrayed. It seems to me that when Rod said something about kindly toning down John's character traits because it has an effect Lynn didn't feel existed, she interpreted his comments to mean that he couldn't laugh at the very funny thing of a man who acts like a spoiled brat because he had no sense of humor and made up a crazy lie about how random strangers wouldn't believe that John was a cartoon no matter how sincere he was to hurt her feelings. This caused her to amplify how churlish John got to punish Rod for not knowing a great joke when he saw it. As time went on, the endgame became akin to watching some poor sap trying to pull a Chinese finger trap apart in that the more he struggled, the angrier and douchier John got.
Tags: john - sulking infant, john needs vitamin stfu

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