dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Does John realize how much he actually makes?" and other questions.

If the reprints are still an on-going concern in three years time, we're going to be hip-deep in the "The Pattersons remodel their kitchen" story arc. As you know, the problem is John simply can't see the point of spending loads of money remodeling a room he doesn't use despite his being able to as easily afford it as he can his ego gratification-mobile sports car. The way he talks, you'd think that he was some slob one paycheque away from debtor's prison instead of a reasonably-well off professional who can afford to remodel his house no problem.

The reason that I mention this is that John never seems to be quite aware of how good he has it finance-wise. As I mentioned once before, our hero seems to go through this life with the assumption that he's gotta live on the much lower take-home of his coal-miner/farmer father than the much more padded wallet of the dentist he is. I ascribe this to his very real need to not adapt to changing circumstances owing to the misapprehension that changing how he thinks is a horrible defeat that would lead to an infinite humiliation instead of the advantage it is. Were he less inclined to squeal poverty when confronted with life's demands, he might even start to think that no, his children aren't freeloading off of him.
Tags: john versus reality

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