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Thrums and touchdowns.

Over the years, I've talked about why Mira Sobinski is depicted as being some sort of domineering troll woman who wants to win all the time and enslave the poor, innocent Pattersons with her family politics. The reason is that she doesn't see the absolute and complete necessity of a) meekly letting her husband decide what her opinion should be to placate her vapid dimwit daughter with the Electra complex, b) happily allowing her grotesque pansy son-in-law to treat said failed experiment daughter like a superior servant and c) disappearing forever so that said whimpering, fruity failure's horrible mother doesn't have to risk bruising her fragile ego with scary and wrong opposition to her hip, cool gospel of treating children like communist mutants from Mars who worship CHAOS!!!!, hate parents and NEED to have the EVIL desire for attention scourged from them so they can be the passive blob-children who sit where they're plopped down so that she doesn't have to waste her precious time thinking about children and thus having her alleged brain atrophy.

What I tend to lose sight of when the Pattersons all race around and whine that Mira is a domineering monster mother because she criminally and treasonously tells Elly to put on her big girl panties and admit that she ain't no special snowflake, Deanna that Elly is full of shit when it comes to thinking about kids and Mike to get off his lazy God-damned ass and get a real job like a man is that Wilf is also thought of as being a cave troll in his own right. The reason: he wanted to bond with Michael instead of letting our poor hero commune with the muses in a bullshit creative trance. We got a strong hint as to why Wilf is as 'bad' as Mira last week when Lynn whined piteously about her eeeeeeeeeeevil mother-in-law trying to get her involved in her interests instead of sitting on the couch in a trance state waiting for those gods that only grace a select, lucky few with their precious gift of the inspiration that the great unwashed can never hope to access. Simply put, Mike is that part of Lynn that thinks that she can only be interested in the vast, empty spaces inside her skull and not useless things like bird's nests and playground gossip that aren't about her.
Tags: lynn versus her family, mike patterson: universal idiot

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