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It's loony at the top.

The odd thing about the lemonade stand arc that isn't all about how no one is yet aware that Lawrence is about to be dragged away from his home because his immature dimwit mother can't decide if having no one comment on her love life at all is scarier and more humiliating than the scorn she'd probably prefer because it feeds her vanity is that for some reason, Mike decided that he should be in charge of things. The problem I have with putting him or any of his relatives in charge is that they're too much like Pattersons to be in charge of anything. If you'll indulge me, I'll remind you of why the Foobs have no business calling the shots in any group endeavour.

First off, we have to remember that we're dealing with a group of people who don't like being told what to do because they hate the idea that the world is not themselves. Like Hilary Forth, your typical Pattersaint's default belief is that whatever stupid idea they might cough up is far better than any competing concept.

Second, there's the reason this constitutes a problem: the fact that they all have what Red Green once called 'negative courage.' As I described it earlier, this is described as blindly proceeding on a potentially dangerous course of action despite lacking knowledge, awareness, intellect, humility and above all, an ability to properly remember the past. This is why Mike should have never been allowed back to the Portrait offices; Gluttson would have been better off letting a trained ape run the thing instead of an improvident dullard with delusions of being almost adequate to pound sand in a rat hole.

Thirdly, there's the fun problem I call their inability to handle any sort of difference of opinion with any sort of grace. Just as Elly and John react to the least disagreement from the offsprings as if they're being backed into a corner by implacable monsters who want to enslave them, a Patterson confronted with the horror of letting someone competent dictate to her and silence her and use her STAR POWER to crush her and laugh at her for daring to speak because that's just what pretty people like Becky do acts like a stupid, vain child with a fragile ego and a fear of being in the wrong.

Finally, we have to deal with their low boredom quotient. There's nothing a Patterson likes to do more than to quit doing something that doesn't provide instant gratification because they think that hard work is for horrible people who don't wait for miracles and muses and gods like all good-hearted people. I should think that if Gluttson hadn't forced Mikey Girl to run home to Mommy whining about the mean man who expected a poor little boy to act like a man and be haaaaaaaaaaaaated, he would have resigned out of sheer boredom like his worthless mother.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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