dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gordon versus Lawrence.

The interesting thing about watching Gordon and Lawrence interact with one another is that they're a lot like Annie and Connie: they don't really like one another all that much but do have the commonality of being friends with a Patterson. We saw this from the moment that Lawrence started wailing piteously that Mike liked Gordo best because WAHHHHMBULANCE until it became obvious that both of them got beat out by Josef Weeder.

That being said, Gordon clearly seems to have won the truly important battle: being the former friend that the sainted John and Elly prefer. This is because Gordon can do more for the two of them than a moderately successfully landscaper can hope to do. Gordon can provide for Elly after John whizzes on an electric fence and he can do something Mike never could for John: give him someone Train Man can see as a younger version of himself. Why, he can even provide Lizzie a gormless also-ran husband to care for her and never, ever outshine Michael and thus anger Elly.
Tags: gordo, lawrence: cosmic plaything

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