dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Unwitting self sabotage and its discontents.

As we all of us know, John and Elly never did seem to want to be around their children much. There are any number of strips that have as their premise "Go find something to do that takes you out of both sight and mind so that you don't oppress us by your horrible freeloading presence." The problem is that the both of them want their children to see them as what John called 'real, basic human beings' because the mush-mouthed clod failed to say 'sympathetic people who have their kids' best interests at heart.'

The problem with this need to be seen as all-wise, all-knowing, all-loving parents who really do know best is that they can't resist the overweening temptation to be candid as regards their strong desire to not have to be part of their childrens' lives. It's painful watching John wonder as to why Mike thinks that he's being packed off to the farm just out of sheer, stupid malice for an arbitrary and stupid reason by a thin-skinned arsewipe father who can't take the shit he pulled on his own dad when he freaking told Mike that it was for all those reasons and a dollar more besides. The reason for this is that John is incapable of really being honest with himself about why he does things because most of those things are treacherous, deceitful, mean-spirited and self-serving. He doesn't have the guts or gear to see the monster he really is so he whines piteously about how his horrible children always misunderstood him when it's clear that they understand him too God-damned well.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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