dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How to train your pre-programmed clone.

As I said yesterday, most of the problems Elly has involve her convincing herself she didn't do things like bellowing like a lunatic as she told her children that they're cruel, selfish monsters who hate her because they were born bad, take pleasure into not listening to them or inflict arbitrary and stupid punishments based on a deliberate refusal to understand what was actually going on. She honestly believes that she was a loving, supportive mother who didn't scream in a blind rage over things that later on turned out to be harmless because she needs to not live a life of regret. That being said, what she doesn't know is that by forcing her children to live in a world of constant upheaval in which they scurry around in a panic trying to figure out what won't enrage her, she's guaranteed that certain patterns of behaviour will persist. Just as Liz will spend her life wondering why she can never lose weight because she not only shares Elly's habit of grazing before meals while claiming to be on a diet, she seems also to have inherited an inability to want to disabuse children of dangerous misapprehensions about the world because she sees being seen as a real, basic human being as a threat to her authority. Just as Elly never actually sat Mike down and told him "Look, I gotta do a whole load of stuff I don't want to do so you gotta do chores too" because she saw that as a sign of weakness, that weird Frenchy girl is going to think that Liz knows everything because she was raised to never let herself be seen as weak.
Tags: liz on a different cross

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