dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Out of the hybrid, into the lounge.....

Elly's idiotic envy of her friend isn't the only folly we're enduring, no sir. Her blathering away about it is an act of compounded stupidity. The most obvious example of jackassery is her taking Iris away from Jim's side so she can force the woman listen to her run her fool mouth about all the good times she had imagining the non-stop orgy she'd hoped her friend's life was. Not only is it horribly ill-timed and out-of-place, Jim could very well die more or less alone while Elly 'takes care' of things. She may justify herself by whining to all comers about how she thought Iris didn't really want to hold her dad's hand as he slipped from this world to whatever awaits him but only fools and idiots would believe her. The second way this is gonna boomerang on her is that it alerts Connie to an unpleasant reality: Elly envied the cheap, meaningless sex she thought women like her both had and wanted. The woman she thought was a supportive, encouraging figure in her desperate search for a good man secretly hoped she never found one because, in reality, she was a bored, insecure, extra-reluctant housefrau with a strong need to be titilated by glorious tales of tawdry one-night stands. Her finally knowing Elly for what she is just might, of course, destroy a friendship based on bullshit, thereby making her the angriest of Elly's detractors when the worst happens.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, iris, jim: rip, sheet shaver

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