dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why flames don't really go out.

The oddest thing involving Connie is about to happen in a month or so. The odd thing is that for some reason, Phil still has lingering feelings for the mousy, man-hungry little basket-case with the glasses. While it is true that we never really completely let past relationships go, this need to make a fetish of the past tends to inform the strip. Another example of this is while Mike claimed to feel nothing for Martha shortly after their final parting of the ways, he wrote a letter about a later encounter which broadly hinted that if he had the opportunity, he might be interested in pursuing something like a relationship with her. Finally, we have the Settlepocalypse wherein a high school crush that should have guttered out and died became such a controlling obsession as to derail any number of lives.

I should think that the reason for this is that there is someone in Lynn's past that she always wished she could have pursued in the hopes that this time, she actually would know what love feels like. She never found what she wanted with Doug or Rod and hopes that Mystery Man could have answered all of her questions.
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