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Heigh-ho, don't come to the fair.

As you will recall, I once wrote an article about how Elly's hatred of sports stems from her fear of being injured. The point I tried to make is that the little kid in her assumes that should she get hurt, the pain will last forever and no one will take car of her. The reason that I mention this is that we're about to see a new thing for sensible adults to fear: carnival rides. One of the minor themes that re-occur is watching the children drag an adult on a terrifying ride on scary, scary things like Ferris Wheels and roller-coasts. I ascribe this fear of something the kids love not only to an exaggerated fear of debilitating injury but also to discomfort with high speeds and heights. The same Lynn who had Elly wish that instead of a scary motorcycle that isn't enclosed and thus safe, Liz had borrowed a Buick Roadmaster also wishes that the rides weren't so high and so fast for her.

Given that it's always the kids dragging the parents along to the super-speed terror machines, I'd say that we're also being asked to ask why children are attracted to things that can hurt them and given the answer that it's all part of the CHAOS of dealing with children. It makes more sense to Lynn than calling John and Phil gutless. This is also why Elly is never on the ride with the kids feeling frightened. Lynn likes using characters as a stand-in for her arch-enemy mother but even she has limits.
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