dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The price of closing the coffee counter....

As we all know, Lynn has not only closed down Coffee Talk, she's also had it removed from her website. The reason for this is, I should think, rather simple: she got bored with having to have letters read to her when people were perfectly capable of putting pen to paper and a stamp on an envelop instead of e-mailing her or putting their comments on Facebook and other things that will definitely herald the end of literacy as we know it.

The problem is that every so often, she posts Lynnsights that practically beg for a response such as the one where she asked people if they remember any good jingles. Since she's cut off the means by which her fans got used to getting into contact with her, she'll probably end up thinking that there's a distinct lack of interest in her interests because she's barred the door to the flood-tide of gushy comments that would still be coming in if there were a means to.
Tags: coffee talkers

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