dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

More dated references, more problems.

Of course, the trouble with trying to get Lynn to kick-start her career that doesn't have to do with her lack of any real interest in revisiting the Patterson family is that she tends to be somewhat averse to admitting that what she finds funny is not what others might. Well, that and admitting that you can't really mix cartoonish antics with a realistic family and not displease people. Take, as an example, last Mpnday's reprint in which Mike depleted the ozone layer AND the contents of a can of spray deodorant merely to kill one mosquito. This sort of thing is fine if he's a cartoon boy living in a cartoon world but since he's supposed to be real, questions like "Since they haven't sold spray-on deodorant in years, when is this set?" and "Isn't it dangerous doing this?" tend to take a funny cartoon gag and make it a scary thing.

The problem is that Lynn would rather not admit that you can't have it both ways and, given her tendency to confuse criticism with hatred and jealousy, assumes that she's being run off of the page by hating haters who can't laugh because we're bad. Since she's somewhat touchy, it'd be difficult to get her to expose herself to more criticism and envy and badness and so on and so forth.
Tags: lynn versus being taught

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