dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"What about me?": Elly as the real victim of Connie's moving.

The very odd thing about when Connie packs up and leaves is something that I've mentioned before: Elly's need to take every little thing that goes on around her and make it about herself. As I mentioned the last time I talked about this, she's far less focused on the disruption in the lives of those around her and far more on the fact that she can't walk down the road and have coffee with Connie any longer because she sees the woman as a sister. Annie and Carol Enjo might be willing participants in a kaffeeklatsch but to Elly, no one could really take the place of her college chum. This is why she's willing to overlook any number of inconvenient truths about the "wonderful" man who brings Connie back to her. Is he a manipulative twit and a seething homophobe? Doesn't matter because, hey, Connie is back.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, elly versus herself

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