dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A thing about machines......

Like ellcee said yesterday on the Foobiverse journal, the Elly of the present is exactly the same person as the Elly of the past only grayer, wider in the ass and uglier. She believes the same things (frustrated women must marry passive-aggressive bullies to succeed, children are an infrenal nuisance, housework is beneath human dignity, et cetera, et cetera) now as she did in the early eighties. One of the alarming consistencies people don't pay as much attention to is Elly's losing battle with technology. We've all seen her failed attempts to navigate the Information Superhighway, seen her struggle with voice-mail and assumed she's just another yuppie who can't cope with automated systems. Most of that demographic are perfectly capable of dealing with simpler machines but not Elly. She can't even use a vacuum cleaner reliably half the time. The reasons for her grotesque ineptitude are fourfold. First off, Elly is not the most patient person in the world at the best of times so she never really took the time to learn to do things properly. Second, she's exceedlingly stubborn which means she'd rather fail than take advice. Third, she lives in a self-induced fog so she's incapable of paying attention to what she's doing. Fourth, and this is most important, she tends to blame everyone and everything but herself for the failures her idiocy causes. Only on the rarest of occasions does she admit she screwed up and then only to blame others for giving her the opportunity. Blaming the tool instead of the hand wielding it is, after all, the hallmark of the petulant jackass.
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