dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Instant expertise, just add children.

As you know, the notes might become an endangered species now that the publisher has lost interest in producing new treasuries. This means that at some point, we'll stop seeing Lynn go off on a tangent about a visual image while ignoring the underlying plot to the strip, her sharing a probably exaggerated anecdote about her childhood, thinly-veiled criticism of her husbands and children, Luddite paranoia and something else dear to her heart: the belief that only people who've had children can talk about children.

This is because she does honestly seem to believe that people who aren't around children forget what it's like to be kids and how to deal with them. This former tendency appears whenever we see Elly be exposed to a two-year old and talk about how she somehow or other forgot how to be a parent to a two-year old. You would think that Elly would remember what happened with Mike and Lizzie but she claims over and again that the only way that the species propagates itself is because parents forget what it's like to deal with small children. This seems to be the real reason that she tends to mommy-jack. Other people do it to make themselves feel more important. Lynn does it because she can't believe people can do things unless that thing is right in front of them all the time.
Tags: lynn versus the childless

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