dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Darryl Smythe: the mistake not made

The odd thing about the upcoming Halloween dance is not that it was going to be the last time Deanna Sobinski appeared for about eleven years. The very odd thing is that otherwise forgotten character Darryl Smythe was still around a year or so after she left. The reason that I mention this is that the boy seems to be something of a cipher who Lynn seems to have created to make it look as if Mike had a social circle. While it's fairly likely that she simply forgot the blond boy with the freckles, there seems to be an explanation ready-made for the occasion. As we see here, it seems to have been school policy to try to break up cliques such as the one Mike and his friends had. The pessimistic view would be that The Man was trying to split up friends out of spite while the more generous view was to encourage children to expand their social horizons. In any event, it would appear that the person putting butts in seats made sure that a five-boy group turned into a four-boy band owing to the masterstroke of assigning Darryl to a different classroom. Since Mike is sort of stupid, he sort of forgot about the boy and is probably currently staring at an old snapshot asking Deanna if she recognizes this odd stranger that shows up from time to time.
Tags: the forgotten

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