dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On old flames and new girlfriends.

The odd thing that Connie's sudden departure forestalled was a sort of tension between Georgia and Phil over the fact that she might present something of a threat to their relationship. The strip in which Geo thought-bubbled that she'd ignore Phil's behaviour this time was, I should think, a sort of warning that if Connie were still in town, there'd be a lot of simmering resentment. Fortunately for all concerned, Connie decided that not only did she not want to see Ted with another girl, she couldn't possibly intrude on the happiness a passing fling had found for himself. Also, by the time she'd returned, she and Phil were married to other people.

The reason that I mention this is that I was reminded of notes in which Lynn confessed to wanting to nag Alan to marry a single mother they both knew in order to 'do right' by her. What this means is that every strip in which Phil's presented as being an idiot for not 'dealing' is another example of Alan being told what to do by someone whose business it isn't. I should also think that it took quite a while for Lynn to warm up to the woman Alan did end up marrying owing to the fact that it took until the whole wedding planning thing for Georgia to become someone other that "Phil's girlfriend". The only sign that she was still a bit of a stranger is that even now, we don't know her maiden name.
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