dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Kids say the Foobiest things....

Yesterday's strip and today's feature a more recent problem I've noticed: 'children' who don't behave like any I've met. It seems highly unlikely, for instance, that a child Meredith's age would notice that the pretty lady at the bank makes her mommy feel like a stumbling fool or figure out why that might be. It's even less likely that she'd be able to picture her grandmother in the same situation. Despite what Michael would like to think, it will take a few more years for Meredith to accept that the little boy in the old pictures is the same person as her father, that the stories he tells about his childhood aren't make believe. Having Robin conclude that Michael's book is being weighed down by being filled with words instead of pictures is an impossibility for a real child. That sort of nonsense is something an adult with no contact with (or real empathy for) children, like Lynn, might think they would say. Her apologists would probably huff and puff about her doing this as a tribute to her purported mentor, Charles Schulz. Where that falls down, of course, is that the 'Peanuts' gang were less realistic children and more his neuroses on display. She's trying to depict the grandchildren she craves and fails miserably because she cannot view the world outside her own frame of reference.
Tags: lynn versus the real world, the antichrist twins

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