dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On wieners both real and metaphorical.

As we saw the other day, one of John's 'solutions' to the imaginary problem of Michael being both insufficiently grateful to be bossed around by a purblind old fool and having a life of non-existent ease was to convince some idiot with a hot-dog cart to put the boy to work. It seemed to not matter to John that Mike felt very self-conscious about being in a monkey-suit and hairnet selling weiners. If anything, Michael's discomfort seemed to be a selling-point owing to John's willful blindness as to who Mike is. As I've said before, John needed to see Mike as being a defiant parasite who needed to be humbled and taught the value of things in order to protect himself from looking in the mirror and seeing a self-absorbed and callous hypocrite and greedy, immature imbecile.
Tags: john needs vitamin stfu

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