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Whither John's parents.

As we all know, it's been seven years since the Settlepocalypse and the Strip of Destiny in which Lynn speculated as to what the characters would be doing after the curtain went down on their adventures for good. The thing that intrigues is me is that while we know that Jim passed away in 2009, we weren't told what happened to John's mother and father. While their biography affords us a sort of clue in the form a snap-shot taken in 2007:

Will and Carrie are now almost 90. After a couple of scares with their health, they sold their house near Aberdeen in 2006 and are comfortably established in an Assisted Living Centre in a larger town thirty miles away. Several of their old schoolmates are residents there as well. They sometimes joke that they are back where they started in kindergarten, doing crafts, listening to music and playing games together.

Carrie has to be very careful about managing her diabetes, and Will has had two mild heart attacks and suffers from a troublesome cardiac arrhythmia. Still, they rarely complain. Being together after 64 years of marriage is a joy few are given, and they are thankful for it. It would, they feel, be gross ingratitude to fuss about the aches and pains of old age when they have not only each other, but also a strong and healthy family, now satisfactorily expanding into the fourth generation.

it seems somewhat obvious that in the intervening eight years, time has had its way with them. This means that the question that faces us is not "Are they still alive?" but "Which one went first?" Oops. I tell a lie. The question is "Why are they lumped in with all the other people whose stories aren't really worth completing?" The answer to that, of course, is that while Will and Carrie might indeed be part of John's stable of characters, he's not really the star of the strip but simply Elly's second-in-command. Wondering about his past and the future of his relatives isn't as important as looking in on the people who mean the most to Elly. Since their purpose was to provide her a husband to complain about and use as a meal-ticket, wondering when they die is sort of not really a big thing.
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