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On translation and its discontents.

One of the more annoying features of the strip is Lynn's love of puns and other bad word-play. Who of us doesn't remember how annoying it was to watch April make that stupid comment about the alleged relationship between the words "prairie" and "prayer"? Not only does it make her look like a chump, it doesn't translate especially well. While I can't quite estimate the depth of the problem, it could well be that at least one in every seven strips would make little to no sense because of a reliance on puns.

That being said, it's not as if a translator couldn't reject Lynn's reality and substitute his own if he or she could be stirred to care about the adventures of the Pattersons. If you'll forgive my doing as she does, I know for a fact that Peanuts was successfully translated into foreign-language versions because people could identify with the blockhead and his friends. Elly and the others, on the other hand, lead unappealing lives of singular, repellent dullness that have only the car-wreck's attractiveness. Simply put, Foob isn't translated because no one cares to.
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