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The 1200 mile step

As you will recall, I tend to think that the real reason that Connie left town was not that she couldn't abide the idea of seeing Ted with another woman because she knew that sooner or later, he'd get bored and pursue her again; the real reason that I gave was that she for once in her adult life didn't want Elly and her stupid husband butting into her life and screwing things up. That being said, clio_1 has a far more humane and credible scenario in mind that does away with the heroes and villains that Lynn needs to make sense of the world. Well, that and the "I will follow him" fifties mindset that made of Therese a monster because she expected a man to unman himself by living up to a deal that made him 'weak' and 'subservient'.

What should have happened is that upon getting the job offer, Connie asked Ted to come with despite it being very far away while Ted wanted her to stay. After a realization that neither person was willing to derail their career for the other despite the depths of their feelings for one another, the two would part reasonably amicably and move on with their lives. No saints, no martyrs, no cheaters who cheat, just adults living in the real world. You can see why she passed off on it, though. If Connie and Ted behaved like sane people, we couldn't very well have Liz sitting on her deathbed whining about no one guiding her destiny after the fracas in MtigatingCircumstances, could we?
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