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I will follow him.....because I'm a moron.

Now that it's been pretty much seven years after the Settlepocalypse, I think it behooves us to remind ourselves of one of the reasons Lynn left out for making Anthony a much more desirable mate than people like Eric, Warren or Paul: the fact that he wouldn't move a God-damned millimetre to pursue Liz despite her initial and wrong expectation that a man should somehow pursue her if he were at all interested in her. Let us review the means by which she lost her way and failed to realize that she should follow Elly in marrying too God-damned early for a stupid reason. First off, she made the 'mistake' of dallying with cheating cheater who cheats Eric because Anthony thought that driving for more than forty-five minutes meant that he was being emasculated. This led to her taking up with Paul "Made of Snow" Wright because Warren didn't drop everything at her command only to ping-pong back to Warren like an idiot because Sgt Wright didn't want to drop everything because a wispy imbecile thought he should. When Warren put his career before her, she took up with Mason only to finally take up with Human Barnacle Anthony because the other guy nearly died of alcohol poisoning.

The unspoken subtext is that Liz was out of line expecting Anthony to do anything that would require effort or devotion or anything that isn't based on the assumption that she's a reward for his having a penis. The way he saw things is that Liz was a passive object meant to drop into his lap like she were the company car he expected to have for maintaining a core temperature of thirty-seven degrees Celsius. Doing more was scary and wrong and learning that chasing the distracting star of men with initiative and willpower was a bad way to treat her poor parents.
Tags: blandthony, liz on a different cross

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