dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Stone Season: The Book IS The Strip....

I've had a lot of time to think about the book over the last year or so and I've come to a coclusion: Michael's book is being used as a metaphor for the strip itself. Just as the slow speed train wreck of Liz's love life symbolizes Lynn's own ricocheting from one sham marriage to the next, Mike's literary career closely parallels that of his creator. It seems obvious that his lampoon of the Kelpfroths and expose of Divala (sic) are meant to stand for the collections of pre-Patterson art work she did in the late seventies. Furthermore, he and his children are roughly the same age Lynn and her children were when the strip was first being published. I should also think that the acceptance of both works is based on their fitting a category the marketing department of a publisher identified. Since FBoFW was greenlighted specifically because the syndicate needed a married woman to author a strip about family life, I'd say that Stone Season got the nod because the publisher needed a new Snob Hit to show how comitted to New Talent they are. Given its ambiguous moral, it would also be the perfect novel for English Comp students to made to dissect. Also, both creators are arrogant twits filled with hostility and self-pity.
Tags: foob imitates life....., mikerobe: the universal infant

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