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How not to prepare a child for moving.

Now that we're hip-deep in the arc in which Connie and Lawrence have to move to Thunder Bay for a while, I'd like to remind you that as always, a parent who we are meant to see as a figure of pity deliberately does everything wrong in preparing her children for the move.

First off, let's remind ourselves that Connie's decision to move was based on a very stupid, childish and discreditable reason and didn't really take Lawrence's needs into account. As this strip set a few years later indicates, her belief is that Lawrence should adapt instantly to rapid change and not worry about new and scary things lest he oppress his mother by making her feel empathy for someone not herself.

Secondly, we have to remember that at no point was there any sort of discussion that didn't have as its underlying premise the idea that the children are trying to destroy a good thing out of sheer hateful selfishness. It's not that Lawrence is being uprooted and wants to be reassured that life will become normal again, it's that he's a monster who wants to see his poor mother endure the fake-ass agony of watching Ted date someone else.

The reason for this is, of course, Lynn's emotional conflict as regards her move to Corbeil. While Rod might be trying to make her feel bad about his having to give up his dream job for her sake, you'd have to be something of a petulant dick to force your wife to live somewhere she hated just so you can be Mister King Flying Dentist. My guess is that Rod might have filled the kids' heads up with the idea that her not wanting to go crazy living in a town filled with people who hated her was a bad thing; this translates to the kids being a problem because she didn't overhear certain conversations.
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