dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Weddings for heart, for show and for no reason that can be admitted to.

The interesting thing about Jan Eliot's strip Stone Soup is that she's given us a two-for-one parallel to two weddings that took place during the Declining Years: The Big Fat Sham Wedding and Jim's marriage to Iris. The reason I say this is that one the one hand, Evie married her love interest Arnold without really wanting to stop to consider how her adult children would take it and on the other, the very real need that Val and Joan have to want to be included in the process somehow so it can feel real to them is the same one that inspired Elly to participate in Deanna's Big Fat Sham Wedding of Cashing In and Appeasing Mira.

This means that this August will probably be all about how Evie has to be cajoled into admitting that yes, standing over her adult children and treating them as if they were still kids has the natural result of their not being as autonomous as she'd like them to be. Well, that and the fact that yes, they deserved to be included in the decision making process since they live in close quarters with her. If she'd lived out of town, it wouldn't be that big a deal but she doesn't so she can't oops them like Chinnuts did and not expect to cheese people off.
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