dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On step-families in the Foobisphere.

Having reminded myself that Lynn hasn't any use for joint custody, it seems appropriate to remind you that she also doesn't really have much use for blended families either. The difference is, of course, who's to blame for the chaos and acrimony that's the inevitable result of not blindly conforming to the norm. When divorce happens, the vector of discord is, of course, the cheating cheater who cheats. In the case of blended families, it's the spoiled children who don't want lonely women who want to learn to trust and love and so on and so forth who are to blame for all the unhappiness. The first instance of this sort of crap is when we have Lawrence being depicted as being a spoiled little princeling because he doesn't want to admit that what's best for the adults around him is what's best for him. Next, we have to contend with the fact that Molly and Gayle are depicted not as kids who are having their lives turned upside down arbitrarily so their douche father can step on a relationship that scares his dumb ass but as wild animals that hate Connie and want to ruin her because she's a target of convenience. Again, the presumption is that children don't actually feel anything but simply want to bust asses out of hatred. Finally, we have to deal with the fact that the Weird Frenchy Girl doesn't realize that Lizardbreath's best interests are her own best interests and wants to make her unhappy because children are evil.

In all three cases, we have the commonality of self-serving parents who seem to believe that taking the feelings of children into account is a form of surrender to said kids. Well, that and self-serving adults who won't believe that what happens to children matters worth a damn. Thinking along those lines might make them look like bad, selfish people and is thus as likely to happen as Liz realizing that she might actually look like a threat to a marriage.
Tags: lynn versus children

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