dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lizzie enters the system.....

Of course, Connie and Lawrence's temporary departure isn't the only change that makes it sort of hard to justify making the failed camping trip the real beginning of the middle years. There's another minor change to the premise that coincides with the arrival of the Enjo family: Lizzie starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks from now. This heralds in at least thirteen years of Lizardbreath standing around looking stunned because her defective vision, timid nature, lack of any real support from her idiot family and inability to pick up on obvious social cues make her school years something of a misery.

What's really annoying about watching Liz be a poor fit for mandatory education is that, as always, she's not seen as the one most victimized by the deal. While Elly talks about how great it's going to be to have the house to herself, her need to be needed quickly turns her liberation from having children underfoot from a blessing to the curse of being forgotten and abandoned. Good thing that Annie is there to give her something to hate; otherwise, she'd pine away and die of grief or something.
Tags: elly on her cross, lizzie

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