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On not letting Mike be himself......

The problem with criticizing Mike for assuming sight unseen that his parents have judged him and found him guilty of being someone they cannot and should not be expected to love is that, well, he's right to do so. First off, we have to deal with the fact that from the get-go, his idiot mother went out of her way to believe that his very real need to be reassured that she actually liked him and wanted him around were attempts to make her feel bad about wanting to have an identity that isn't MAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Also, we have to deal with the fact that she also went out of her way to mistake his having an opinion not her own with his hating her and wanting to defy her and his acting out because they completely freaking neglect him as an excuse to treat him like someone she can't like. Simply put, Elly is and has always been too fragile to deal with any sort of conflict that she can't win easily and has spent most of her life resenting the fact that it took so long to wear Mike down to compliance. Now that he's the pathetically dependent creature she always wanted, she can finally love him.

He also has to deal with the fact that his father not only becomes a raging asshole bent on his son's destruction the instant he becomes personally inconvenienced by whatever it is that Michael might do to him no matter how trivial the 'damage' might be, he can't bring himself to respect the career that he drifted into because it isn't "practical", as evidenced by this smarmy defense of being an unreflective clod afraid of asking the question "What do you believe, John Patterson and why do you believe it?":

Apparently Mike is getting close to finishing his novel. I always hated writing essays, and this project of his seems like one giant essay to me, so I can't imagine how he could either want to do it, or more importantly enjoy the writing!

As I've said before, writing essays exposes John to the terrifying question "Why?" and the terrifying answer "Because I, John Patterson, am a total f*cking greaseball: and is therefore terrible; this means that Mike's doing so is unworthy because sooner or later, John himself will be faithfully depicted in his books in all his sordid worthlessness.

The end result of the two boomer assholes subjecting Mike to an evil experiment is to create someone so downtrodden and confused that he doesn't even realize how miserable he is. The smug smile on Mike's face comes from the fact that he doesn't quite get that he's been cheated out of being loved for who he was supposed to have been by a moronic monster mom who thinks that a child is supposed to be a doll she can put away when she gets bored.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, john and elly versus their children

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