dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On wall calendars and when they can be expected to go away.

As we know, Lynn's publisher has decided to make the business decision of no longer spending good money after bad by indulging her need to churn out the most crappy treasuries imaginable owing to her obsessive need for a creative control she's not creative enough to exercise properly. Given that they also decided not to let her make a series of sub-par children's books whose only appeal is that her name is attached to them and given that the collections are slowly going out of print, it seems that aside from her stupid synchronization new-runs meant to compensate for a mistake I keep hammering away on, the only 'new' output is the yearly wall calendars.

The problem is that as the years go on and Lynn loses interest in life and her work and such, the covers are steadily becoming less appealing. Last year, we had Dainty Doll-Boy Mike driving sales figures down and this year, we have a parade of misshapen silhouettes meant to remind us that Lynn has always been frightened out of her mind of teen-aged children because alarmist films by the John Birch Society feed into her need to fear the unfamiliar. What this tells me is that in 2015, Lynn will have a new reason to squeal idiotically about the Interweb ruining everything when she bleats witlessly about how the tablets have made wall calendars go away because the publisher tells her that there's no interest at all in a 2016 calendar. As it was with the treasuries her idiotic meddling made into something that repelled people, her flat-footed fumbling, laughable idea of what constitutes quality and complete tone-deafness as to what might appeal to other people are going to dry up another revenue stream. Since she doesn't ever want to admit having made a mess of things because that'd mean never being allowed to be right, she'll plead the question via a straw technological platform.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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