dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The unexplored side-effect of retconning Connie.

As you all know, at some point Lynn decided for some reason that Connie's original back-story wasn't good enough. As we all know, the Connie who just sold her house was a woman who grew up in Milborough and made the mistake of entering into a starter marriage with some idiot she'd met in high school only to end up still reeling from catching him in the act and the ensuing ruinous divorce that left her with a child, a Siamese cat and crippling insecurity. If this sounds familiar, this is almost but not quite Anne's back story. This could, in fact, be why Lynn agreed to the change. You see, she'd needed Annie to have a good reason to not like Connie so that they didn't do anything like compare notes and realize what a crappy friend Elly is to both of them. As I've said before, the Annie of the new continuity dislikes Connie for implying that she's wasting her life being a man-servant to an unappreciative oaf who takes her for granted because of the very real need to not admit that she should pull her head out of her ass as well as defying the laws of nature by not treating her bastard son like filth or whatever.

This would be replaced by a new reason to hate Connie when you realize that both women followed down the same path in life for the same reasons; given that Connie at least had the intellect, decency and self-respect to make a clean break of things instead of being cowed into submission in the name of respectability, Annie would hate Connie for having enough guts to do what she's too spineless, stupid and selfish to do. Instead of being a pompous ass viewing the world through the distorting prism of customs meant to keep her apathetic, she'd be a shrew consumed with envy.
Tags: anne achronism, connie: the real lynn, freefloating commentary

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