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The edifice complex: The Patterson house.

Another galling trait of the Patterson family is their failure to really leave home. No matter how they try to leave and live independently, sooner or later they spiral back to the old neighborhood, yea verily, even unto their old house. At first blush, this seems to be a suburban take on the 'family farm' trope. I, of course, mean that the Pattersons, John in particular, seem grimly determined to keep their three-story box in the family as if they were a clan of nineteenth-century smallholders trying to keep the railroad from seizing their land. His dream of letting Michael inherit a tract house in a housing development as if it were Buckingham Palace is flat out fucking ludicrous. Michael, sadly, will ACCEPT the offer with cretinous glee. Elizabeth, too, will destroy her last shred of dignity 'mature' and marry the whimperingly gloomy sack of pus charming go-getter Anthony, who lives a few blocks from Casa Foob. John, Elly and neglected afterthought spoiled Matrian princess April themselves will move into a cozier house that's only a ten minute walk from Xanafoob. Elly even gushes about the fact that their very urns will be cheek-by-jowl, so even in death they'll be one close-knit little group (of charred bone fragments). Warm and cozy, right? NAUSEATINGLY WRONG. What kind of fucked-up twit WANTS to spend the rest of his life in his childhood home? I'll tell you; a FOOB, that's who! They've all been programmed with Elly's fear-filled insularity and malignant lack of curiosity. You might liken them to a flock of ducks imprinted on their handler, mindlessly marching even unto the chopping-block.
The idea is that they're a group of dependent infants who've had their silly little adventures and must return to the safety of Mother's bosom. The insane sentiment that the mechanical act of crapping out offspring is a noble justification for Elly's brand of sick fealty and the older children's belief in same is the primary cause of their horrific failure as humans. The hideous result, a pair of ninnies who'll be weak-willed children until they slam the oven doors on their feet, is seen by the vain monster not as the hateful crime it is but a glorious affirmation of mother-love. Her stolid refusal to raise autonomous individuals who can play a useful part in society is her most malevolent failure. As her defense of not wanting to be obsolete, she might have just as well died shortly after giving birth to April for all the good she really is to those around her.
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