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On homes, houses and the Housening.

I should think that most of Lawrence's emotional conflict in the current arc stems from the fact that he's an extension of the personality of a woman who seems to be quite unable to come to grips with the fact that home isn't really the building in which you happen to have grown up. A house, you see, is simply a sort of box that a person's home happens to go in to. A normal kid would be far more worried about missing the friends he or she has made and having to cope with new places, new people and new routines and not worry much at all about the place he or she came from. In the Pattersons' world, it's sort of obvious that the children share Lynn's need to value the container far more than the content.

This, I should think, explains Mike's motivation for insisting on buying the Pattermanse and displacing everyone else in the process. In his mind, he didn't actually leave the nest so he could go forth and create a home of his own like lesser mortals who didn't have the courage to stick to what's right. In his mind, he was cruelly exiled from his only real home for a silly and wrong reason because his parents didn't really like him. It made no sense to him for them to insist on that because everyone knew that eventually, they would have to leave it; since it wasn't right that his home end up being bought by someone else and thus deny him his rightful inheritance, he had to take it lest his weak, useless sisters sell it from underneath him despite the fact that they were duty-bound to follow their husbands. In his mind, he isn't a selfish jackass who displaced April because he's a gutless infant who wants to play dog in the manger, he's a bona-fide, 14-karat, gilt-edged hero.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, child rearing disasters, mike patterson: universal idiot

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