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Housening Two: Electric Boogaloo

The really interesting thing about Mike's thinking that he was somehow entitled to the Pattermanse and that while April's pain was frightfully unfortunate, it was the price she had to pay for getting in the way of the kind destiny that 'allowed' him to buy the Pattermanse is that he's already got the future all planned out. This is because in one of his last letters to the readers, he made this wonderfully idiotic comment:

We have all the responsibilities we once left to landlords but, we're looking forward to it. Our children are happy, our world is settling, and our future is clear. We're putting down roots, and we're putting them deep. We're going to give our children the commitment and stability our parents gave us and...some day...if one of them wants this wonderful loving location, we might just buy our parents' house...and move down the street.

Given that Mike is as sick with the 'don't sell the family farm' complex as he is with the default misogyny and fatuous, retrograde thought-patterns he got from listening to his pin-headed daddy, it's kind of obvious that the 'one' who's supposed to be 'destined' to buy the Pattermanse so that he and Deanna can move into the Tiny Train House is good ol'EatDirt himself. The notion that Meredith might have an opinion about the disposition of the house can't occur to Mike because his oldest child has a 'mistake' on her that forces her to follow her man wheresoever he wanders. This sort of thing is why I always hum the chorus to Bruce Cockburn's "The Trouble With Normal" when I contemplate the Pattersons' future: "The trouble with normal is/it always gets worse."
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, mike patterson: universal idiot

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