dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On misery poker

The interesting thing about watching Elly scream about the horror of evil children trying to evilly divert her attention from important adult things that will make her noticed and thus give her life meaning so that they can evilly waste her time worrying about unimportant things like how other irrelevant children who can't do things for her treat them is that she shares something with John: the refusal to be the subject of the appeal to worse problems fallacy.

What this means is that while John is quite ready to quash inconvenient and boring comments about how Lizzie feels ugly and unloved by making her feel WORSE because now, she's not supposed to care about something she can't actually do much about, watch out when some minor thing happens to him. Five bucks says that if someone told him "So, your kid came home late with your ride, eh? At least you HAVE a car and a son and aren't living in a war zone," Johnny Jump-up would turn the same bright magenta he did when Mike questioned the self-serving presumption that he owes his parents a living.
Tags: the joys of hypocrisy.

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