dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Further notes on school teachers.

As you might or might not know, I once long ago wrote an essay in which I made a sweeping generalization about how Elly has an abiding love of school teachers because she sees them as allies in the fight to suppress the love of chaos and hatred of goodness inherent in the horrible children who want to destroy her ability to express herself. Wednesday's reprint reminds us of another reason why she has her warped respect for the educators of the world: she fears for and pities them because they not only have to deal with her horrible monsters but also the horrible, mother-hating, attention-demanding, chaos-loving Hellspawn other mothers are blighted with.

This is because of a sort of necessary blindspot that she needs to maintain in order to function. You see, aside from the occasional moments of lucidity in which she admits to being a self-pitying idiot lashing out at good kids just because she's in a permanent bad mood, the part of her that assumes that she can't back down lest she lose her ability to do anything undergoes a Jekyll-and-Hyde like transformation into the screaming lunatic we know and loathe. The self-pitying maniac can't allow herself even for a second to admit that anyone can actually coexist with children without being worn down at all lest she expose herself to the dangerous information that there are people who can do better than she does. Anything not to let the cruel, evil and wrong voice that tells her that she's a self-pitying incompetent who never learns from her mistakes that crazy, mean people who hate her and want her to suffer call 'her conscience' win. She'd be much happier if she were an inhuman monster like John; his not HAVING any sort of conscience makes his life easier.
Tags: elly versus children

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