dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Miss Edwards: the exception that confirms the rule.

Of course, there's one exception to Elly's need to turn teachers into figures of pity because they have to put up with her chaos-loving monster children that proves the validity of the rule by being interpreted as an existential threat by our hero: Sharon Edwards-Taylor. It alarms, angers and saddens Elly that Liz goes to someone else with her problems when Mommy is there to fix everything. It also never seems to occur to her to understand what the appeal is because doing so would reveal her as being what Malcolm Tucker of "In the thick of it" called an omnishambles.

This is because Miss Edwards does something that Elly can never be asked to actually do: understand the situation Lizzie has to deal with. Unlike Elly and her delusion that the sibling rivalry she stupidly aggravates is abnormal, she correctly identified Mike as being a non-descript, dime-a-dozen jackass whose fragile ego can't cope with being the centre of attention, correctly identified Lizzie's obsessive need to let Anthony monopolize her free time as the cause of a petty disagreement with Dawn and even explained that the trick to things is to understand what other people want out of life. Elly, on the other hand, has the inconvenient habit of allowing her biases, wishful thinking, envy, self-pity and ignorance on a situation and always gives Liz horrible advice when she isn't shrieking about how everything happens to her or simpers about starving orphans in war zones. What this all means to her conscious mind is that if Miss Edwards is more loved, Elly can be replaced. What the evil, scary, wrong voice that tells her that from bean to cup, she [BOXCAR]s up tells her is that Liz went elsewhere because Elly is a huffy fruitcake who doesn't know what's going on and has a hair-trigger temper touched off by nothing much at all. This results in Miss Edwards being not sympathetic because she can coexist with Liz without losing her temper or treating her like a freaking monster trying to destroy her.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus her family, freefloating commentary

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