dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The elephant waiting for the school bus.

As we're seeing, Lizzie is far more accepting of kindergarten than a child as sheltered and young as she is should actually be. While it's true that she went to play-care, the idea of attending a different building, playing with different children and being supervised by a different grown-up for a longer period of time should be giving her the screaming habdabs, galloping fantods and heebie-jeebies. What occurs to me is that there's possibly an extra complication that no one seems to have foreseen. Said complication looks and acts like the Linus Van Pelt from Star Trek's infamous Mirror Universe and whines all the time that no one asked his opinion about this having more than one child business. While he might occasionally whine about his style being cramped by someone who has as much right to be where she is as he does, what he doesn't realize or admit to is that the horrible potential of her behaviour affecting him is not much of a problem.

This is because of something that is never covered in the strip that I've seen and wouldn't be his fault if it did. What he blinds himself to is the possibility that an inoffensive child like Lizzie would end up being judged harshly because her sullen goof of an older sibling is a defiant pain in the ass who never learns from his mistakes. It's one thing to have to live up to the legacy of a prodigy but what professional discipline problem Michael never seems to have understood is that it's quite another to have to live down all the stupid crap Ugly Brother pulled. We should be seeing strips that had them treat Liz like she's a radioactive leper with Tourette's syndrome and watch her like a hawk because she might just be the second coming of Mike Patterson. We don't get them because Lynn has never seemed to acknowledge that her antics present a problem for other people.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, mike versus lizzie

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