dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On motorcycles, Miss Edwards and the real reason for Elly's antipathy...

As we know, Elly's terror of the high speeds involved with motorbikes leads to her already tenuous grip on her volatile temper slipping away and turning her into a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic. What seems like a certainty is that if asked, Saint Flapandhonk would confidently and smugly point to the example of Liz's mother confessor Miss Edwards as an example as to why devil motorcycles are evil machines built by evil, conflict-causing men to cripple children and force mothers to give up their lives to become the unappreciated and neglected caregivers of hopeless invalids whose lives are ruined forever.

The problem, of course, is that Sharon's life is not ruined forever. She hasn't let her spinal cord injury get in the way of her career or her love life or having a family nor does she use it as an excuse for anything or as a solicitation for pity. This, I should think, is the real reason that Elly feels uncomfortable with her. As I've said before, Elly impresses me as being the sort of patronizing omnishambles who believes that having one disability means having all the disabilities. She'll never admit to it but deep down at her core it outrages and infuriates her that the woman is a human being instead of a series of symptoms. Since Elly cannot acknowledge her fury that the woman refuses to be pitied or to accept the fact that she was supposed to become a figure of tragicomic wailing, hidden away from the public never to know love or have children, she temporizes by whining about being replaced.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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