dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"What, does she want me to look stoopid?": The battle of the winter coats.

One of the more annoying things about the silly and counterproductive conflict as regards what the kids are going to wear to school is the fact that almost unfailingly, the kids reject the umbrellas and winter coats Elly tries to get them to wear. What generally happens is that the child in question will balk at Elly's insistence that they'll get drenched by complaining that they'll look stupid only to end up looking far stupider standing around drenched to the bone or freezing their asses off. While Elly (and Lynn) might ascribe the otherwise inexplicable phenomenon of a child getting soaked to the skin or risking frostbite as being an irrational act meant to spite their poor mother and turn their backs on all of the love in her great big heart, she, as always, loses sight of the fact that it's not personal.

Not, of course, that she especially wants to see that the very real need children have to assert their independence and not look like some candy-assed little muppet who clings to Mommy like a God-damned barnacle and lets her do her thinking for her isn't part of the bullshit, fake, no-way, impossible make-believe conspiracy to silence her and ruin her life. Just as she needs to see the first day of school as a sign that her children are growing up far too quickly (thereby making her old before her time), she needs to see signs of their becoming individuals as a complete and utter rejection of her because she's only happy when she's feeling like a miserable victim of a plot to take her voice away. If it's not personal, if it's just a normal part of growing up that isn't about hating her, she's a poor, benighted slob deliberately stirring up trouble where none exists or should exist just to feel big and important and that would be just awful.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family

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