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A side note: Elly might be the queen of back to school shopping.

As we know, it's pretty much time for the tinies to head back to class for the autumn; this has traditionally been time for Elly to buy back-to-school supplies and angst about the kiddies growing out of their duds too fast and not waiting until class comes for them to get them dirty so that she doesn't look like a lazy fool who can't supervise her kids. As bad as she is, though, I do have to give Elly due credit for being the lesser of a group of evils.

After all, her spiritual successor and evolutionary replacement Val Stone of "Stone Soup" has Elly's "I have to dress the children a certain way to prove to a bullshit, fake, impossible, no-way freelance shame squadron that I care about my kids" complex to a more virulent degree than she does. Unlike Elly who dreads the idea of her kids getting stuff messy because it'll invite stupid comments about her being a slacker from her moron husband, Val seems to be as convinced that if Alix isn't dressed just so that CPS will just show up at her work and shoot her in the face for failure as her goofola daughter Holly is that if Alix wears boy's clothes, it'll make her bent. Holly has the excuse of being a naive kid oversold on the need to dress to impress the sort of brooding, misogynistic lump that insane idiot Stephanie Meyer calls the epitome of male perfection; Val is allegedly grown up and should thus stop believing in fairy tales.

Of course, the two of them pale in comparsion to Diane Wilkins of the comic strip "Curtis". As we see time and again, she never seems to make the connection between her habit of getting pissed off enough at the time Curtis is allegedly taking trying on clothes to open the door on him when he's standing in his tighty-whities and the peals of laughter she hears in the background. Since she's the rock-stupid spendthrift that Greg's dad warned him not to marry, she assumes that Curtis is being difficult for no reason merely because other people are laughing at a joke she didn't quite catch. When Elly does it, she at least has the decency to be baffled by how it's wrong when she does it. Diane isn't even aware of the problem and would probably turn into an ax-crazy mess if you tried explaining it to her.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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