dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The dangers of over-protective parenting

We've all noticed that most of the time, Deanna reacts to situations with a slackjawed, frozen, horrified gasp. Her gobsmacked look has its place, there's no denying that. However, it's best used when someone is facing something no reasonable person could have expected. As we've noticed and have made the punchline of jokes, Deanna treats nearly everything she encounters as a complete surprise. She should have expected that the children would want to know what the noise was about, right? She thought she could get away without telling them that Daddy's friends would be over and making noise past their bedtime but they had to stay in bed regardless. She didn't foresee having to explain that to her children just like she didn't realize that her kids would try to get to the photo albums despite what she said. That's because she didn't get that, to children who've never had firm boundaries set, if ice cream before dinner was negotiable so was everything else. Her brand of recklessness if subtly different from the rest of the Pattersons. Faced with a choice, they pretend like the negative outcome doesn't exist and that reminders that it does are the province of picky-faces and trouble-makers. Fembot doesn't even notice a downside exists. Her hand is constantly being burned because she does not accept that fire is hot. This is a very subtle indictment on Lynn's part of over-protective parenting as performed by a master of wrapping her children in cotton-wool: Mira Sobinski. Since Deanna was never allowed to hurt herself, was never exposed to anything remotely threatening, she has all the foresight of a pile of gravel. She's condemned to spend the rest of her days being traumatized by the mundane because her mother did too much.
Tags: child rearing disasters, evil mira, fifties icon deanna

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