dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On dropped yods and messy eating.

Of course, the logical extension of a given Patterson not knowing who the people in his or her vicinity are is that said Foob has no idea who he or she is. I think that this Sunday strip in which Elly upbraids Liz for the messy, gobbly, smacky, nasty sort of Pattersnarfing she herself is guilty of accompanies this one in which Mike wonders what sort of malicious, hateful fist-magnet goes around treating someone the exact same way he's always treated Liz in proving that the Pattersons generally think that they're not only much better people than they actually are, they also do the exact same things that bother them about other people.

This, I would tend to think, extends to Elly's unswerving and erroneous belief that she speaks a better sort of English than the farmers, working stiffs and Americans on the television do and is thus a better influence on her children than the evil media who don't do the job they're supposed to do of raising her children properly while she pretends that she's going places in the world. If the mush coming out of Lynn's mouth and the slop Mike ends up writing are any sort of indication, Elly's as guilty of dubious grammar, 'sloppy' diction and yod-dropping as the people she accuses of butchering the language. What makes this really fun is that her next trick will be to accuse the evil electronic people of killing spelling and punctuation when she's the one taking them from the back, slitting their throats and leaving them to die in the gutter.
Tags: self-awareness failure

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